Ripple Design System

Focus state

Focus states show when a user has highlighted an element, using an input method such as a keyboard or voice.

Some users use keyboards or other devices to navigate through a page by jumping from one interactive element to the next. Focus states help users understand which element is currently selected and ready for interaction.

Focus states are orange and neutral-800, aiming to conform to the WCAG 2.1 Level AA non-text contrast on any background colour.

We have chosen this orange colour as it is a direct opposite of our primary colour. This allows all colourblind users to see a visual difference. Focus state styling also removes any border radius to create a bigger visual difference to surrounding elements.

Inline style

The inline focus state helps links stand out from the rest of the content on a page. When a link receives focus, it will underline and change background colour. Other components and elements that look like links use the inline style.

An example of focus state colour contrast

Block style

The block style completely highlights a section or whole component with the focus state. For example, when a button receives focus, a border is added to the bottom of the container and the background colour will change.

Focus Link Visual Block Sample

Outline focus state style

The outline styles are for when form inputs are focused. When a form field receives focus, it adds a border. If the element already has a border, the border gets thicker.

Focus Link Visual Outline Focus Sample

Modified focus states for components

The alert component has a modified focus state colour. This is consistent across all alert variants. It meets colour contrast requirements on all semantic colours, including danger and warning.

The modified styling uses a white background in place of the orange, still with the dark content and border.

Component Modified Focus State Sample

CSS Variables

The focus state has three CSS Variables.

SwatchElementValueCSS Variable
Background Fill#FF9E1Brpl-clr-focus
Content / Text / Icons#1A1A1Arpl-clr-focus-contrast
Bottom Border#1A1A1Arpl-clr-dark


For advice on focus state theming, see theming guidance for designers or theming guidance for developers.

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