Ripple Design System

Styles only

Using the design system styles without a front-end framework.

Ripple UI core exports it's CSS stylesheets directly. If you have a use case where you can't use any of the other outputs, you can use our styles directly and provide your own markup based upon the rendered examples in Storybook.

First, set up access to Github Packages.

Next, install Ripple UI in your project:

npm install @dpc-sdp/ripple-ui-core --save

You can import CSS styles from the ripple-ui-core package.

import '@dpc-sdp/ripple-ui-core/style';
import '@dpc-sdp/ripple-ui-core/style/components';

We recommend that you lock the version of @dpc-sdp/ripple-ui-core so that any future changes of styles without changes to markup do not break your application.

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