Ripple Design System

Statistics grid

The Statistics grid component shows a summary of 2 to 8 key statistics in a grid layout.


Use the statistics grid to present a user with multiple pieces of key information. This can help the user to determine if a page is relevant to them or not.

Each cell features:

  • a key statistic
  • content to give the statistic context.

A statistics grid can act as a summary to help users view multiple related pieces of content.

When and how to use

  • Use text or numbers in the content.
  • Give a high-level summary of key information.
  • The grid will always span the full available width.
  • Place in the body section of pages.

When and how not to use

  • Don't use with under 2 or over 8 statistics.
  • Don't overload with content.
  • Don't use when you need a large amount of text for context.
  • Don't use images or graphics.
  • Don't add links.


The statistic grid has 2 variants:

  • default, for white backgrounds
  • reverse, for neutral backgrounds.