Ripple Design System

Page action

The Page action component presents a collection of links that offer users a choice of actions, such as printing or downloading a document.


Use the Page action component to let users print or download pages and content.

Page action presents as a collection of links giving users a choice of actions at a page level. This includes printing or downloading a document.

The component displays a combination of page-level actions.

  • Print page: prints the page a user is on.
  • Print full document: prints all pages in a publication or document, not only the page the user is on.
  • Download document: downloads a copy of the content that the page editor uploaded. You can add more than one document to the page action component. The documents should only be what's already on the page. Don't add new or extra content.

Never use page actions for anything other than the above. Don't use it for links.

The print action prints the full document (section), not just the page the user is on. The document action downloads a document that has been uploaded in the content management system.

When and how to use

  • Only use in a page's sidebar section.
  • Use as the first component in the sidebar, above the vertical navigation.
  • Use with or without one or more documents.
  • Include metadata with uploaded documents.

When and how not to use

  • Don't use:
    • in the content area of a page
    • with a document that has content different to the page's content
    • for any other user actions.


Page action uses colour for:

  • icons, to indicate a possible action to users
  • interactive states.

To create your own theme, see theming guidance for designers or theming guidance for developers.

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