Ripple Design System

Detail list

The Detail list component shows a list of key information to users.


Use the detail list to display a list with labels. This surfaces (retrieves and displays) and highlights key information to users.

Each row of the detail list comprises a:

  • label, a descriptive or informative label for your content, for example, 'Location'
  • content, the piece of information itself, for example, 'East Gippsland'.

The detail list is used to display:

  • metadata, for example, ‘Published date' (which shows as '22 March 2023’)
  • status, for example of a program or grant.

Only use the detail list for simple information. For data or complex information, consider using a table.

When and how to use

  • Use single words only for the label.
  • Include a link if you need to.
  • Keep the summary content and labels clear and concise.
  • Align all summary content to the longest label.

When and how not to use

  • Don't use labels for unrelated summary content.
  • Don't use it to surface information that is not important to users.
  • Don't use with complex or long form content.


When a link is present, the detail list uses the link colour for interaction states.

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