Ripple Design System


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The Ripple design system and Ripple framework are open source and released under an Apache 2.0 License.

Ripple is maintained by the Single Digital Presence (SDP) team at the Victorian Department of Government Services. If you are a Victorian Government department or agency (or a vendor supporting them) and wish to suggest improvements to Ripple that would benefit the project there are several options outlined below.

To propose a change, you will need to have a free GitHub account. Please see the GitHub docs to create one if you haven't already.

Submit a bug report

If you have encountered an issue that you think is a bug, help us fix it for everyone! To log a bug report please do the following:

Documentation changes

Seen an issue with this documentation site? You can either describe it in an issue so the dev team can review it, or propose an edit directly by creating a Pull request with the proposed change.

To create an issue:

To log a docs site issue please do the following

To propose an edit directly

See the GitHub docs for more information about creating a pull request.

  • Log in to GitHub
  • Click the "Propose a change to this page on GitHub" link at the bottom of each content page
  • Make a change to the markdown in the editor. See for information on syntax
  • Describe the change in the commit message
  • Create a new pull request from the "forked" version of the repository
  • This pull request will be reviewed by the SDP development team and we may ask for changes or revisions.
  • If the Pull Request is approved it will be merged and included in the next Ripple release.

Propose a new feature

If you have a proposal for a new feature to the Ripple design system please see

For development partners wishing to propose a new feature to Ripple Framework please do the following:

  • Check existing the discussions and issues to see if the the proposal has already been discussed. The discussion board is a great place to bring up new ideas for discussion without having to write up a full proposal.
  • If you are confident that the feature is something worth progressing, please fill out the New feature proposal

Propose a change to this page on GitHub.