Ripple Framework

Content types

Implementing content type specific page layouts

Content types are a Drupal concept that allow for modelling content using fields to describe the data structure. See the Drupal documentation for more details.

Ripple content types

As SDP is a headless CMS using a decoupled architecture once we have modelled content in Tide, we need a way to render it into a template that can be delivered to end users. Ripple content types allow you to support custom templates for new content types.

Ripple content types consist of the following parts:

API Mapping

See API Endpoints for more information the Tide API translation layer. For each content type we supply a function that maps the Tide Drupal API response into more concise fields that match the data needed for


To render the page using Ripple UI components, we need to create a Vue component that is passed the data from the API request and, using Ripple UI components, creates a layout that matches your intended design.

See the Content type guide for more information on creating new content types.

Core content types

In Tide we have a number of content types which are part of the core distribution and are initially included in SDP sites

  • Landing page
  • Event
  • Grant
  • News
  • Publication (page)
  • Alert

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