Ripple Framework

API endpoints

Ripple creates an API that handles the translation of Drupal data into exactly whats needed on the page.

In Ripple 2 we use API routes to create a backend for frontend API that handles communicating with the Drupal Tide JSON API and maps the response to only what is required to render the page in Ripple.

API routes diagram

Nitro server routes

Nuxt 3 introduces the concept of server API routes powered by the Nitro rendering engine and H3 server.

Nitro is the server layer that creates API routes in a Nuxt application. Nitro plugins run at build time and we use them to add the mapping needed to tell Ripple-tide-api package how to respond to a Drupal JSON API request for a content type node

Ripple Tide API

Ripple Tide API is the module that handles communication with Tide Drupal JSON API. It provides a wrapper service for API calls to Tide and provides an interface for adding mapping functions which transform the response from Drupal into only what's needed for rendering the website. This makes creating pages easier and improves performance by moving all data transformation into the server bundle where it can be easily cached.

API routes diagram