Ripple Framework

Setting up a new site

A guide to setting up new SDP frontend sites using Ripple framework.

Setting up new sites with Ripple 2 is made easy with our CLI tool and provisioning process. Before you do so though please ensure you have got in touch with the SDP engagement manager ( prior and have submitted a support request to the Digital Victoria Help Centre


When onboarding a new project to SDP the following will be provisioned for you:

  • Git repo created
  • Required platform files added to repo, required Dockerfile, etc
  • Bay hosting environment configured
  • CDN setup and configured
  • Environment variables set to your project specific requirements

Local development dependencies

Please make sure you have the following dependencies installed before proceeding. Typically local development is not performed through a docker container on the front end.

  • Node version 16.11.0 or greater (We recommend installing Node through Node Version Manager - See for install guide)
  • NPM version 8.1.0 or greater

Please see the engines key in package.json for most accurate versions.

Installing Ripple

For SDP sites, this will also be applied. However, if you wish to create a local install of Ripple outside of a project see below.

Installing Ripple is easy with the included CLI tool:

npx @dpc-sdp/nuxt-ripple-cli init site ~/path/to/site --name "My Site"

This will copy the required files needed to setup your site into ~/path/to/site

cd ~/path/to/site && npm install

This will install all dependencies with NPM, you can then run the development server with

npm run dev

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